The Trophy

The Rock’n’O Trophy consists of three races; long distance, sprint and middle distance. The final classification of the trophy will be the sum by points of the three races.

The long and medium distance competitions will be scoring for the Spanish Orienteering League 2018
The sprint and middle distance races will be also World Ranking Event (WRE)


Class (M-Male/F-Female) Ages
U-10 Born in 2008 and later (unisex class)
M/F-12 Born in 2006 and later
M/F-14 Born in 2004 and later
M/F-16 Born in 2002 and later
M/F-18 Born in 2000 and later
M/F-20 Born in 1998 and later
M/F-E Elite class. No age restriction
M/F-21A No age restriction
M/F-21B No age restriction
M/F-35A Born in 1983 and earlier
M/F-35B Born in 1983 and earlier
M/F-40 Born in 1978 and earlier
M/F-45 Born in 1973 and earlier
M/F-50 Born in 1968 and earlier
M/F-55 Born in 1963 and earlier
M/F-60 Born in 1958 and earlier
M/F-65 Born in 1953 and earlier
M/F-70 Born in 1948 and earlier

Open Classes (Unisex)
Class Course details
Open Amarillo Very easy difficulty / Short distance
Open Naranja Easy difficulty / Medium distance
Open Rojo Medium difficulty / Medium distance
Open Negro Medium difficulty / Long distance


The SPORTident timing system will be used in the Rock’n’O Trophy.

The SIAC SI-Air system will be used at Sprint race.

SI cards will be available for rental at the Competition Center.